Disable IPv6

Is there a quick and easy way to disable IPv6 on the MT300A?

I don’t need it active and would rather disable it if possible.

Not sure if I can follow the default openwrt guides or if anything extra needs doing on this box.

add the following line to each section in your /etc/config/network

option ipv6 ‘0’


This is better to do than doing this? OpenWrt Forum Archive


Can you think of good way for testing if disable IP6 is successful? Thank you.

Doesn’t simply deleting WAN6 in Luci do it?

The post you send is more assured because it removes the ipv6 kernel module. But you can just try in Luci.

@alzhao What do you think is very best way to test these methods for disable ipv6? I will try Luci and also two other ways we talk about.