Disabling and re-enabling VPN via the mode switch does not work


GL-MT300N-V2 with firmware version 2.264.
VPN correctly setup (it works), mode switch set to “OpenVpn Toggle”, and “Force VPN” flagged.

If I disable VPN by the external mode switch slider, all traffic correctly stops. But when I move it back to the original position (turning VPN back on) I get no traffic back: the OpenVPN tab of the GUI says “connected” but data received and sent stays 0.

I have to manually change VPN server or reboot the router to get the connection working again.

Is this behavior normal?


not normal. Will have a check

I have checked. Can you ssh to the router and do some modification.

modify /etc/init.d/initswitch and modify line 55, change “startvpn start” to “startvpn restart”

This will avoid multiple vpn processes.

Thanks, it worked!