Disconnect every day roughly 24 hours

I live in a rural area and have the old ATT iPad plan which is a SIM put into a ZTE velocity hotspot. Internet works fine with that WiFi but I can only connect up to 10 devices. So during Prime Day I bought an AR300M and connect my hotspot to that via usb tethering. At this stage everything works fine still.

I then connect an Ethernet cable to my TP Link AC1750 router you better broadcast the signal through my house and allow me to connect 10+ devices. However, after roughly 24 hours the internet stops working. Everything is still showing as connected and running, but WiFi from my TP link doesn’t work anymore.

I have to constantly unplug and replug cables back in for 20 minutes until it decides to start working again. Is there a reason why this happens? I tried changing the lease time on the velocity hotspot to like a year and thought that would fix the problem. But no luck so far.

Firmware is 3.104

As far as I know, AR300M is connected to your hotspot via USB. AR300M can work as a router itself.

When you connect Ac1750 to AR300M, how does you connect? AC1750’s WAN connect to AR300M’s LAN?

When Internet is down, do you mean only AC1750’s wifi is down? At this time can you connect to AR300M’s wifi?

Yes ac1750 wan connects to ar300m LAN. And when the internet is down I cannot connect to ar300m WiFi alone. Nothing will load.

Are you saying that you can just disconnect the cable (the Ethernet cable from AR300M to your tplink) and it will work? This seems quite strange.

But I suggest you try a better power adapter first.

No I cannot just disconnect the Ethernet cable. It will definitely not work if the cable is disconnected. I was recommend to try a different power adapter already and that has not worked.

Sorry I mean you disconnect and reconnect the cable then it worked? or
You have to reboot so that I will work?