Disguise VPN at Hotel

It would appear the hotel I’m in is blocking VPN traffic. Is there a way to disguise VPN traffic?

I saw a website about sending all traffic over 443 but not sure how to enable this on a GL-AR750S-EXT.

More specifically I use WireGuard

Are you using Openvpn or Wireguard?

For openvpn, the service provider can provide you config files with 443 port. So you just need to use these config without doing any other things.

For default openvpn port 1194 and default wireguard port 51820, both can be change to 443 if the service provider provide that.

Wireguard uses UDP where OpenVPN uses TCP. At some hotels, schools, offices, AirBnB, …, I have seen them block all but ports 53 UDP/TCP (used for DNS) port 80 TCP (used for http) and port 443 TCP (used for https), with all other TCP and UDP ports blocked! As these sites often provide there own DNS service on UDP port 53, there may be no open UDP ports that can be used for Wireguard, so in this case, you will have to use something TCP based, and with a stock GL iNet router, that will be OpenVPN.

When I run into this, I normally use OpenVPN to a VPN server running on port 80 or port 443 over TCP. Check with your provider to see if they support these ports. For OpenVPN the port number and if it is UDP or TCP is set in the OpenVPN config file that your provider should give you.

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OpenVPN can use either UDP or TCP. In fact, if you don’t specify a protocol UDP is the default.