DLNA from GL- mt-300n v2 via house router

I’m thinking that this should work but can’t get devices to connect to home PC to stream music files. The set up is Windows 7, running Windows Media Player, through dlink router to next building by ethernet cable to one of your routers. Connect via wifi to that router and dlna client cannot see WMP server.

Main router is IP and yours assigns Is there a way to allow this to pass through?




The simplest way is to make your GL router the one that feeds the other building ie connect the inter-building ethernet to the GL LAN port.

I have miniDLNA and XupnpD running on an mt300A and it works very well.

Thanks for the reply but that isn’t going to change. This is at a family members home and once I leave no one would be able to provide any troubleshooting.

What I’m thinking may be a solution is to place all of his mp3 files onto a memory stick and put it into the mt300. Trouble there will be having a player on the iphones that can access network shared drive.

anyone got this to work yet?