DNS changes after reboot

Hi all,
I have GL-750.

I setup my own DNS server pointing to adguard home running on my server.
However, after half day or reboot of GL router, it changes its dns to nextdns.

It’s happening even if I have cloudflare. Never happened before in 2 years.

Is there something I might have configured in Luci causing me grief?


It changes to NextDNS on the UI only or changed real DNS to nextdns?

I remember that the UI has bugs so that it always display NextDNS but this is fix long time ago.

UI shows nextdns after every reboot.

But how do I check the ‘real’? Dnsleaktest also shows nextdns

What is your firmware version?

Can you upgrade or reset and try again/

Current Version 3.201
Compile Time 2021-04-02 20:07:32

This is current version, factory reset is a pain with amount of customisation I have done and to make them work again smooth.

How can I upgrade manually? It’s usually pushed itself.

Download 3.203 and upgrade manually GL.iNet download center

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Thanks mate.
Running an upgrade now.
I like new features that comes with an upgrade as well.
Hope it fixes the issue as well.