Dns for vpn only

I’ve not updated to the latest test firmware, so perhaps this is already a thing…

But can the DNS for vpn (e.g. for NordVPN) be applied only to VPN and not full network.

I’d like my regular ISP IP for browsing and then the vpn DNS for when connected to the VPN, even if it’s not UI can the be achieved via editing .ovpn etc?

Why? Nord DNS will work without the VPN running.

Couple of reasons. That’s only the case if the network allows it, a lot of corporate connections don’t, so they won’t connect to the internet unless routed via VPN or custom DNS removed. I’ve also had several hotspots not connect, so I’ve had to disable custom DNS, connect and then add it again before connecting to VPN. Also, Nord VPN cybersec DNS only works over VPN. So option would be great, either in config or UI.

If you upgrade to v3.0 firmware, it should use the pushing DNS from OpenVPN server if OpenVPN server has configured DNS option. Isn’t it?

Hi @kyson-lok, thank you, will try that today. Also wondering when I make the switch, can DNS be configured specifically for Wireguard but not full network or does it get it from whatever is set as custom dns?