I know this question is a little bit specific, but hopefully someone can help.

I use Getflix DNS, but as DNS often cannot be used on many public networks such as hotels and coffee shops there is now a DNS-Over-VPN service which basically encrypts the DNS and sends it over a VPN while leaving all other traffic untouched.

It says that it is compatible with ‘can be used on any device that supports VPN connections’ but when I have set up PPTP on OpenWRT it doesn’t work.</span>

Does anyone have any idea if it is possible, I’ve linked to the set-up instructions for other OS such as iOS and Windows here and can provide the VPN sign in details if anyone would like to try it out?

if you just want the dns be via VPN, I think you need some setup in the router iptables and leave all the other traffic via normal internet. I don’t know what is Getflix DNS, why you want to use it. If you need vpn, then you need to pay for it as well.

First set up a vpn, e.g. pptp or openvpn, then set iptables rules to route all dns protocol traffic to vpn. I don’t have detailed configuration until I try it.