DNS problem VPN Policies for bypass VPN

I have the same problem as in topic [Gl mt300n v2 - vpn policies problem] dd Feb 2
But in my case the problem in resolving host arise some time later.
Means when I add domain to items “Do not use VPN for” and clear dns cash - all work properly at the moment. The problem appears I try visit site on the next day.
Pls help.

I use MT300a and firmware 3.100

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I have tried to reproduce this problem, but unfortunately it has not occurred in my environment.

I reboot router and get success. Will wait. Also I add mac based items both with domain based items and find that mac based rule does not have effect. Computer with choosed mac still use VPN. Does it mean I can not use both lists simalteniously?

I find when I add domain to list “Do not use VPN for” it added but when I check list “Only allow use VPN for” I can see domain in this list too. Also for MAC rules. Thus the same domain is in both lists. Firmware error for mt300a or admin interface error?
PS. I still need rebooting to work VPN policies

Further info. I find it was admin panel interface error. Possible result - incorrect info in files manual-list.conf
Pls check.
Try use mac-based policies. It work properly just before set it. Will wait and check again.

Only one list can take effect. You cannot set rules for both lists.