Does AR-150 support VLAN?


I am wondering if the AR-150 supports VLAN on the WAN/LAN interfaces?

Hey Heavymetal,

The AR150 is based on the AR9331 and the datasheet claims it can handle 16 VLANs. I don’t have one to test with just yet so I can’t claim with 100% certainty. Perhaps someone else can test and let you know for sure.


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Yes. It supports 16 vlans. How you want to configure it?

@alzhao I am going to connect it to the VLANs and broadcast vAPs. Also to have OLSR over a VLAN for meshing over Ethernet.

This makes the configuration much complicated. Unless I tried I cannot give a some confirmed info.

First, you can refer to Switch Documentation [Old OpenWrt Wiki] for general vlan configuration. In this page it maps each port to one separate vlan.

Then you can map multiple vlans for one port, need to put a “t” for tagging.

config switch "eth0"
   option vlan0 "0t 5"
   option vlan1 "0t 5"
   option vlan2 "0t 4 5"
   option vlan3 "0t 3 2 5*"
   option vlan4 "0t 5"

third, you can refer to [OpenWrt Wiki] Guest Wi-Fi basics to configure multiple ssids and link them to each vlan. Now you have vlan and multiple ssids.

Finally, you need to assign mesh to vlans. Not sure about the details but you can just try.

The whole thing is tooo complicated. Hope you can succeed.



Thanks @alzhao I will try when I get the router.