Does AX 1800 Flint support device groups? (like aircove)

New to GL Inet devices and firmware. I was looking for a VPN router for streaming. I have a tablet, and soon an IPTV box and my work laptop, so I need to ideally set different VPN connection settings for them (maybe different countries for ipad, none for laptop and US for iptv box).

I noticed the branded Aircove (basically a Flint) firmware allows setting device groups easily. Is this something the GL inet 3+ firmware allows too? (looking to use Wireguard if that makes any difference)

Ideally I want the devices to use different connection settings automatically. It is just me in the house, so probably only one would be in use at any time (mostly), at worst 2 if I am watching sports.

This seems like a nice option, easily configurable, but I don’t want to pay double for Aircove, or be locked into Express VPN only. Hoping to use with Surfshark + Wireguard

Thanks in advance

GL inet 3+ firmware only allows two group for clients, that’s use VPN or not use VPN.
But not work for more groups to use US and other countries connection at the same.
Still not available in firmware 4.x.