Does GL-MT1300 Beryl support I2C?

Does the new GL-MT1300 Beryl support I2C?

In GL-MT1300 hardware docs I2C is not mentioned and no connectors are visible on the PCB. But the MT7621 datasheet does show support for I2C on GPIO 2+3. Will it be possible to access these GPIO pins on the GL-MT1300? Will GL-MT1300 firmware have I2C support?

I ordered my GL-MT1300 today and look forward to it very much :slightly_smiling_face:

I2C is connected to the LED controller.

The PCB picture (GL-MT1300 PINOUT) says white LED connected to GPIO13 and blue LED to GPIO14.

What is the LED controller that is connected to I2C?

That is right. There is one extra LED controller and control LED. The I2C is connected to it.

GPIO13 and GPIO14 are not used by default. But you can use that if you need.

Is this LED controller an I2C device? What is the best way to wire additional I2C devices to the existing I2C bus? The PCB does not have pins to do this. Is the LED controller an IC?