Does goodcloud s2s block any ports in the tunnel?

I’ve setup a s2s in goodcloud between 2 mt300n-v2 units. Connection is good, I can see devices on each LAN, but I have one device that is an access control module that uses ports 20, 21, 23, 4050 TCP and 4070 UDP to connect.

I can telnet, ftp into the unit remotely but when I try to connect it to our main host server it fails it’s steps in connecting so something is being blocked, as the unit connects without issues if it’s on the same network switch as the server.

S2S does not block any port.

Some services need your devices on one network to work. Is this your case?

normally we don’t have any issues connecting these devices over corporate vpns this is a first time I have run into this issue using this new goodcloud vpn.

The devices should be seamless across the vpn so thats why I was wondering if something wasn’t be tunneled properly.

The units are HID vertx access control units.
If i place the unit on the same subnet and switch locally as the server it can connect on all the ports listed above
20, 21, 23, 4050 TCP, 4070 UDP

If I then move it to the remote site with the goodcloud s2s connected the unit halts and will not connect on all the ports. I havn’t diagnosed yet which one its getting hung up on but from the local side I can access 21, 23, 4050 from my initial testing so it seems like everything is open