Does not show any SMS text

My x3000 doesn’t display SMS text, what am I doing wrong?

What is the version of your x3000?The incoming sms are stored in /etc/spool/sms/storage/0001\:01\:00.0/, Could you run cat /etc/spool/sms/storage/0001:01:00.0/* to check whether there have sms body in storage files?

If you tell me exactly how this works, I don’t have much idea! And here is the information about the installed firmware

You have to SSH into your router and execute the command cat /etc/spool/sms/storage/0001:01:00.0/*

Tutorial for windows: SSH to the router - GL.iNet Router Docs 2

For android you could use one of these: Die besten Android-SSH-Clients für das Smartphone (Top-5)

Und jetzt?

You are missing :cat: in front of the directory.
The whole command is

 cat /etc/spool/sms/storage/0001:01:00.0/*

And now?

@fangzekun Your turn :wink:

I found that there is something going wrong with German message parsing.

Thanks a lot ! :grin: