Does the 4.3.10 release for the GL-AR300M16 Shadow router support file sharing?

Thanks for the updates to the GL-AR300M16 Shadow router! I know that the release notes for the 4.3.7 update indicate that you lose file sharing if you upgrade from the 3.x.x software. Will that also happen if I upgrade from 3.x.x to 4.3.10? I’m thinking about jumping from the 3.x.x to the 4.3.10… but when I had the 4.3.7, I lost important features like VPN and file sharing, where were critical to my projects. Thanks!

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Yep, happens with all 4.x

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Yes, its just not included in the gl.inet firmware but I enabled it on 4.3.10 on my slate. Perhaps it will also work on AR300M16. On AR750S it worked for both USB drive and sd card. So most everything supported by openwrt is available as long as the device has enough space. I installed luci-samba4 and then used the luci network share page to share. If the drives aren’t auto mounted then some more packages may be needed. If you need user level access, that takes more config. I can’t speak to performance, but just functionality at this stage.

Thanks. Yes, I have the 4.x on my Beryl and am happy with it. But you address the important point: space. I was hoping that they could “shrink” the 4.3.10 by leaving out some non-essentials. Maybe some languages… but it sounds like there is still not enough space for the necessary packages to do file sharing. Thank you for your reply.

Can you use exroot to expand the storage?

I think you can extroot with USB storage on the Shadow. I did it on the AR750S, so as long as there is enough space initially to install any required packages to partition and format the storage.

Well, there is a micro sd card slot in the Beryl and Slate. If you pop a 64GB card in there and extroot it you should have ample space. Of course, that requires using luci and cli commands but might be worth a try. It worked great for me on other models.

Do you know where the MicroSD card slot is on the Shadow AR300M16 router? I would definitely use that if it for sure existed. No problem with luci. I may be mistaken, but I think this router only has the USB port… which is what I would use for file sharing. I need to be able to connect different devices, so I figure that the extroot path is out of the question because yes, I could boot with a USB plugged in, but I’d want to be swapping it out to access the file storage that I’m trying to gain access to. Perhaps I’m understanding this incorrectly. Thanks for your reply!

There is a micro sd card slot on the Beryl, but only USB on the Shadow. So sorry if you need the USB slot for another device. I edited my earlier reply.

In trying to update the GL-AR300M16 Shadow router (new from box) I get this error screen

I would hate to brick the device or not able to access the UI as I have seen others mention. Any recommendations?

Don’t keep settings and it is better