Does the Flint have Bluetooth?

When I am searching for bluetooth devices on my phone I see a device with AX1800 and my Flint serial number. Does the Flint have a bluetooth chip? What is it used for?

Yes and No
You can use the app and connect with bluetooth for set up, but you can not connect other bluetooth devices.

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How would I connect via bluetooth? Do I have to pair the smartphone first or is there a specific option in the app? I tried pairing via smartphone but no connection was established.

After you set up AX1800, the BLE signal should disappear.

It is BLE becan, i.e. without connections. So you cannot connect to it, but rather, send out info via beacon.

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so after setup, there should be no Bluetooth device visible when I search for devices on my smartphone? Because the setup is done but the bluetooth device is still visible.

I do not understand your second sentence.

Does the SlateAX have the same feature? Setup via Bluetooth?

No it doesn’t. SlateAX is the first model that comes with pre-configured unique wifi key so no ble config.

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What is your firmware version?

4.1.0 beta release 2

It is a bug. Just fixed and will release new firmware.

is there a schedule for release of 4.1 for stable?

It will

It will take weeks.

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Is there a plan to utilize the bluetooth chip? For i.e. connect to other BLE devices and manage them via LAN?

Hi,there is no such plan, and the Bluetooth chip on the device will only be used for network initialization.