Does the Mudi Support LTE bridged to ethernet port?

I’m trying to decide between the Mudi (GL-E750) and Spitz (GL-X750). Do both of them support Bridge the LTE connection to the ethernet port? In essence, this would turn off all routing functions in the units and just pass through the LTE connection to my PFSense firewall to handle the load balancing and failover with my cable connection.

Another question - how does the reception and LTE throughput compare between the Mudi and Spitz? I know the Spitz has external antennas, so its likely better.

I’m mainly interested in the Mudi because it can double as a battery powered travel router if i need it to be and also because of the faster processor.

Thanks for your help!

Spitz uses external antenna so you could change to some high gain antenna. But default, Mudi and X750 are almost the same.