Does the new GL-X3000 / Spitz AX support WISP

WISP standards for wireless internet service provider. That you can connect the router to public Wi-Fi or hotspot and still serve traffic for all other devices connected to the router when there is no LTE or 5G signal from carrier.

Spitz AX can connect public Wi-Fi using DHCP or static IP to access the Internet. But it be not support PPPoE mode yet when connected to public Wi-Fi.

Do you mean the router can connect to public Wi-Fi but cannot serve other devices that connected to the router?

If so, do you have plan to add the support for WISP, which I found very useful in the cudy cat 18 LTE router. Although they don’t support WISP in their p5 5g router. Is it because the 5g chip RN520 limited the function so that it’s impossible?

I am considering to get a 5g router, so that’s one thing I would like to have or in future.

I feel it will be very useful essentially for RV when traveling across country or to some area that you don’t have local providers or LTE signals but you have the camp site or neighbor or public store that can share their Wi-Fi to you.

I am not sure why it cause confusion. Here is the answer:

X3000 fully support WISP and works for your purpose.

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Is this doc also applies to the X3000? Repeater - GL.iNet Docs 4 (

Yes, exactly. This function is available for all of our routers with wifi.

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