Does the openvpn client automatically connect on device power up?

I have a Brume GL- MV1000 and have setup the OpenVPN client and it connects and works. I rebooted the system though and although in the admin it had a green light, connecting via a wired client PC attached to the brume didn’t result in it having an internet connection via the VPN. I stopped the VPN client and started it again via the web admin and then it worked.

So my question is, am I doing anything wrong, any setting that needs configuring to ensure that openvpn clients start automatically ? And to clarify, the default setup is that they will auto start when defined or not ?

in my experience with my 3 GL-iNET devices (AR750s / AR750 / MT300A) this works properly out of the box (meaning - the VPN connection is up automatically after reboot).
and with the added feature of kill-switch I am no longer concerened by that short-but-dangerous time frame which exists between initial boot and until the VPN is actually up.

worth noting that I have used 3.100 and the GL-iNET UI to set up the OpenVPN client which might have something to do with my 100% success.

if you unplugged or did a /sbin/poweroff if you were connected then it should reconnect If you set the admin/more settings/button settings to a vpn then when it reboots it will do what the button settings is set for.