DominoPi: Device not calibrated. Booting the calibration firmware. Error

I have obviously been playing around with the building and flashing of both U-BOOT and OpenWRT on my Domino-PI board and in doing so I also toasted all of the partitions including the ART parition.

Now when I boot, without breaking into the U-BOOT CLI (via typing gl) I get the following message:

Device not calibrated. Booting the calibration firmware…

Booting image at: 0x9FF00000

Image name: ��������������������������������

Created: 1970-01–3032 -10:-5:-28 UTC

Image type: Unknown Architecture Unknown OS Unknown Image (unknown compression)

Data size: -1 Bytes = 4096 MB

Load address: 0xFFFFFFFF

Entry point: 0xFFFFFFFF

Uncompressing kernel image… ## Error: LZMA error num: 1

Error: there is a global environment variable with the same name!

Error: failed to execute ‘bootcmd’!

HTTP server is starting for firmware update…

However, if I break into the CLI and issue the bootcmd command (I loaded my new OpenWRT image at the address shown in the bootcmd environmental variable) everything boots as it should (I get to an OpenWRT prompt).

My question is: How to I fix my error so that I no longer have the “Device not calibrated” error?


– Michael –

Seems you flashed a art with data that is not calibrated. You need to flash a different art.

I attached one for you please try to replace the old art.