Download links is broken?!

Both links is broken (and for very long time already!)

Both show this Error: Could not load objects from S3

thank you.

I can see

Its what i can see:

But i find working link:
and its show correctly (why??):

In your first image something is blocking the scripts, either uBlock Origin or something else you have running.

Enable scripts and XHR for amazon and it will work :slight_smile:

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These download links are worked on my chrome. As Johnex’s suggestion, you may need to disable some extensions.

Change your dns server…

That is not the DNS problem, his browser had loaded the html file

Its not correct.
On first screenshot you see its nothing blocks (its not red with number of blocks), but even with second screenshot its blocking some spyware i think but link is opened anyway. So i still wonder why>?

Either way its something on your computer, the server is fine and works for others. Try from your phone and see it works :slight_smile: