Dual ZTE Mobley's (4g LTE)

Hey guys… New to GLi and OpenWRT.

I currently have a Mobley connected via USB to a GL-MT300N which is connected to a switch and everything seems to be ok at the moment, but I am coming from Dual DSL Load Balanced and want to do the same via Dual Mobley’s… so have several questions:

Is there a way to bridge the USB to the LAN so I can use my current router and still have the 300N act as an adapter? I have a load balancing router currently that I would still like to use if I can to connect 2x Mobley and 2x 300N.

If not, would the 300N act good in the load balancing role? I was reading here: [OpenWrt Wiki] Use 3g/UMTS USB Dongle for WAN connection where it says that 2 3g/4g modems can be used on the same USB, but not sure how that would play out. If it’ll work ok, or if its the only way, then can I get exactly what I need to do in the config to get it working?



You can use a self-powered USB hub and connect two Mobley to MT300N. MT300N firmware v2.25 has mwan3 installed and you can configure it using load balance. But I didn’t try load balance and not sure how it works.

As a test of mwan3, I hooked the WAN to a dsl modem and left the 4g modem on the USB. The 300n recognized the connection and and had it up and running quickly. However, no amount of policy changes in mwan3 could get the 300n to utilize both connections. It always defaulted to the wan/dsl even when I changed the metric (in mwan) to 1 for both WAN and Modem (per instructions), the weight of the Modem to 5 (67%) vs the WAN at 3. There was no load balancing happening. Also, when I unplugged the dsl, the 300n did not default back to the 4g modem and I had to reboot, so failover failed too.


I’m sure there is a simple change that needs to be done, I just dont know what that is.

I’m also interested in that theme!

we did some modification on mwan3 and now multi WAN works but this breaks VPN. So still working on this.

So how do i get the mobley to work with the ar150? any help with that?


thru usb?