E3372h-320 not working with GL-AXT1800


Unfortunately, the stick E3372h-320 does not work properly. Everything works on the notebook.

As soon as I connect the “E3372h-320” to the “GL-AXT1800” I can also access the website of the “E3372h-320” for a few minutes and I also get an answer via ping.

However, the network connection is no longer possible after a few minutes. No PING and WebIF from the E3372h-320 (And Internet).

I have also checked different GL-AXT1800 firmware versions.

IP GL-AXT1800:
IP E3372h-320:



So you changed LAN IP to

Did you use vpn on the router or on your PC?

Do you have Internet?

If I connect a USB 2.0 HUB in between, it works. There seems to be a compatibility problem here.


GL-AXT1800 – LAN IP:
E3372h-320 ETH3 IP:

If I connect a USB 2.0 HUB in between, it works. There seems to be a compatibility problem here.

When you use USB3.0, it still see the modem and get IP address, but failed to communicate?

Usutally the problem related to usb version is that the modem is not recoginized at all.

The Modem (USB ETH Adapter, E3372h-320) will be recognized after plugging in. However,
the “GL-AXT1800” does not get an IP address and the process stops after a while.
Repeatedly trying to establish the “Connect ETH-3” connection is unsuccessful.

There is another problem:
The Mondem (USB ETH Adapter, E3372h-320) is no longer recognized after restarting the “GL-AXT1800” (which is very bad) It is then no longer even possible to establish a connection.
The Mondem (USB ETH Adapter, E3372h-320) must be plugged in again when the “GL-AXT1800” is ready (Booted) otherwise the stick will not be recognized.

These problems do not occur even if I switch a USB 2.0 HUB in between. Then the modem works without a problem. I have now tested it for over 48 hours with a USB 2.0 HUB.

This is very useful info. Thanks!

For E3372 pls wait. We have added support internally but firmware still need to be updated.

This might be an issue of power consumption. Is the USB 2.0 hub powered externally?