E750: adblock not auto starting

So I’ve installed adblock which works. But for some reason on the E750 Mudi, it won’t autostart. Everytime, I need to log into LUCI to manually start it.

I changed the default “WAN” option away since that would be linked to a physical LAN connection which the Mudi rarely is connected to.

I tried “LAN”, “MODEM_1_1_2_4” & “MODEM_1_1_2” and even “TIMED” (30s) but it still doesn’t auto start. Am I missing something? Thanks

Did you enable it on boot?

If it cannot start, maybe you can check the log. Maybe some script racing problem during boot.

So I finally got it to work. I had to change the trigger to “timed” and then add the field of adbtriggerdelay=5 and it now works. Wonder if I can shorten it to test