E750 EP-06E Mudi Mobile data roaming

I have two SIM cards a Three UK with go roam and an O2 with EU roaming.

How can I enable and disable mobile data roaming in general?

Occasionally I use ferry services that provide an expensive mobile service. Is there a way to whitelist or blacklist mobile networks?

You can turn off roaming using AT command.

Disable roaming

Enable roaming

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Is the setting permanent?
In other words, does the setting survive a reboot?
If not, could this be achieved with a configuration file or a startup script?
It would be nice to have a Admin Panel setting like on phones (disable/enable data roaming) e.g. to avoid data roaming charges when crossing borders.

you don’t even have to cross a border to get hit with unintended roaming charges.
I was traveling in the US a couple of years ago and got to an area in Florida where my provider had reception issues so the device “hopped” to a roaming service which had a strong signal… that was a 250$ lesson…

The settings survive a reboot because it is stored in the modem.

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