E750: file sharing button stuck

Hi, I’m using the E750 Mudi and have a 64GB MicroSD formatted in NTFS inserted. Once I checked “Share via LAN” and “Writeable” the file sharing works. However, now the “Share via LAN” button is greyed out and so I can’t turn it off.

I’m trying to rename the disk, but I need to turn off shares to do so. Is there any reason why it’s stuck and greyed out? Thanks

I believe to rename the share all you have to do is change the label on the sdcard. (interanal share/mount mount point) power and reboot.


external share name is in /etc/config/samba which is (option name ‘sambashare’) and that and the 3 other settings options in that file will overwrite and replace what is actually finally used in /etc/samba/smb.conf

this was also a good read for me

hmm…so it looks like something strange is going on on my E750. I edited the 2 config files and deleted 50-samba. The SMB share now is called flash but I can’t access it anymore unless I change it back to “Basic data partition”.

Basically, it only works if I the config files point to “Basic data partition”. I tried labelling under shell with ntfslabel which doesn’t work. And Midnight Commander and WinSCP sftp won’t let me relabel the SD card. In Windows, it’s labeled as “flash” but it’s not reflected on the E750

opkg install luci-app-samba
delete share points luci/services/network shares
recreate share points.
modify previous files manually or through luci in edit template
if using windows 10 also try
min protocol = smb1
max protocol = smb3
reread thread

ok, just followed the instructions. After installing the luci-app-samba package, deleting the share points and rebooting, I still see the ‘/mnt/Basic data partition’ and the ‘Share via LAN’ on GL UI is still active and greyed out which cannot be turned off.

Looks like something other than Samba is mounting this. Is there another package in GL UI that’s creating it?

Any way, I recreated the share points, and it’s mandatory the path has to point to ‘/mnt/Basic data partition’ for it to work. The name can be renamed to ‘flash’ which shows up on SMB, but the label never changes or is unmounted. Still appreciating all the help so far!

once you siwtch to luci-app-samba, what ever the gli-web page reports is irrelvent. 50-samba creates the mount point automatically under the concept of switching usb drives and having differnent partition names of which to mount to. so now you are manual mode using luci-app-samba. the only other setting I can think of is in /etc/config/glconfig and commenting-deleting samba sectiion. also, if you must create the mount directory. ie. mkdir /mnt/sda1. all this works irelevant as to what the label is called. im assuming sda1. you still need to find partition yourself ‘ls /dev/sd*’