E750 Mudi :: LED Screen Not Working


Randomly my LED screen just stopped working, before that the image was stuck upside down. Is there a way to reset this screen or something on the tech side? I thought the whole router was dead at first but seems to only be the screen.


I updated to the latest firmware just to make sure, and reset the settings. Still upside down. Any help would be appreciated. So far, the screen stays on as it should, just wrong orientation.

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Please try pressing this button.

All this did was reset my device to factory settings. I’m confused. Why are there two reset buttons haha. My device is all messed up now.

Hello, didn’t want to wait any longer for solutions, so I opened the device and found the ribbon cable for the mcu was not secured and wasn’t fully connected. Very strange. So I secured it and it is now working fine. After opening, I noticed the reset button you were showing me just resets the mcu. I guess the led cable not being connected all the way the reset button wouldn’t have worked anyway, but I’ll keep that in mind if something else goes wrong.


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