Hi all!

I’m in need of a new LTE travel router quite soon. I’ve seen that the E750v2 is announced for quite a while and even a datasheet is available.
Are there any Informations about a release date? Would it be worth the wait?

As far as I’ve seen my only LTE/Battery/Mobile options are E750 and XE300, but the last one looks like its made for IoT stuff and not client usage.

Many Thanks!

I am in the process of purchasing my first travel router and the GL-X750V2 may be a good option. I can move this question to another form topic but could anyone confirm that the cellular models have all of the same features as the Wi-Fi models such as the Beryl or slate.

Essentially my question is if the use of a SIM card is optional? In many situation we may be able to use wi-fi and in others we may need a SIM card, I would appreciate any guidance on the wi-fi capabilities of the LTE router. Thanks and I will move this to another thread if this is not the appropriate location to ask may question.

Yes,The use of a SIM is optional, you can also use Wifi repeater or ethernet cable etc.