EAP on AXT1800


On my AXT1800 router, I am unable to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise network. I get the following message in the web interface:

“Connection failed, retrying…
While attempting to reconnect, your router will periodically scan for Wi-Fi networks, and your guest Wi-Fi network will be temporarily unavailable during the scan.”

When I try to connect to the network using the LuCi interface, and I try to scan for networks using the 2.4g radio, I am unable to see any networks. I am able to see networks using the 5g radio. Sadly the network that I am trying to connect to is a 2.4g network.

With my AR750S I am able to connect to the WPA2-Enterprise network.

EDIT: I am on the 4.0.1 release 3 firmware

Can you provide the logs for connecting? You can find it in “Log” Page.

In the repeater options, can you lock to 2.4G band?

Here are the logs for a freshly reset router.

In the first log I connect to the network without locking to the 2.4G band (called “logread.tar”)

In the second log I connect to the network with locking to the 2.4G band (called “logread2.tar”)

Sadly, in neither case am I able to connect to the network.
Archive.zip (41.0 KB)

Is there any update on this?

This issue is being worked on and is expected to be fixed in the 4.0.2 beta at the earliest.

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