EAP on AXT1800


On my AXT1800 router, I am unable to connect to a WPA2-Enterprise network. I get the following message in the web interface:

“Connection failed, retrying…
While attempting to reconnect, your router will periodically scan for Wi-Fi networks, and your guest Wi-Fi network will be temporarily unavailable during the scan.”

When I try to connect to the network using the LuCi interface, and I try to scan for networks using the 2.4g radio, I am unable to see any networks. I am able to see networks using the 5g radio. Sadly the network that I am trying to connect to is a 2.4g network.

With my AR750S I am able to connect to the WPA2-Enterprise network.

EDIT: I am on the 4.0.1 release 3 firmware

Can you provide the logs for connecting? You can find it in “Log” Page.

In the repeater options, can you lock to 2.4G band?

Here are the logs for a freshly reset router.

In the first log I connect to the network without locking to the 2.4G band (called “logread.tar”)

In the second log I connect to the network with locking to the 2.4G band (called “logread2.tar”)

Sadly, in neither case am I able to connect to the network.
Archive.zip (41.0 KB)