Easytether-usb problem on new 3.105 FW GL-AR300M

It took me hours of failure on 3.105 and 3.201 before finally downgrading and getting it fully configured. I’m not willing to take it back to 3.201 and start it all over again.

Update - so I went ahead and installed on 3.201. Same issue with full factory reset. Note: my error, though, I’m on the MT-300N v2 Mango and NOT the GL-AR300M. However, 3.201 still doesn’t work with Easytether. Pics attached. Should this be working on 3.201 on the Mango?

You may have used the easytether for old openwrt.

Pls note, 3.201 is upgraded to openwrt 1907

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Please update your documentation. What you have stated in this thread directly conflicts with several parts of EasyTether - GL.iNet Docs

Updated here

Its gone.

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Looks like you’ve followed a broken link or entered a URL that doesn’t exist on this site.

Here is a PDF copy that I had saved previously:

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