Easytether USB refresh

Been using easytether very successfully for over a year. Amazing router, amazing solution. I have over 40 devices connected with great network stats.


My phone loses the USB connection to the router in certain circumstances, which obviously severs my tether. The only way to regain is to physically unplug and plug in the USB cable to my phone.

I’m looking for a solution where I can simulate this action remotely. I am away from my setup, and can remotely log into my phone. I’ve tried restarting the phone remotely- doesn’t work.

Any advice?

Which router do you use?

Most of the routers has USB power control so you can simulate unplug and replug.

I have the Beryl.

USB control would be cool, but not sure if that would work, unless I can access the router via Bluetooth to turn it off and on.

Once the tether connection is severed, all I have is remote access to my cell phone.

This is not an issue with the product, it’s a limitation to easytether. Just curious if anyone had this issue and solved it.

Only thing I can think of is a Bluetooth controlled USB switch that I can turn on and off via my phones Bluetooth through remote access. Doesn’t seem to exist tho.

Unfortunately Beryl does not have USB power control.

Thanks Alzhao. Do any of your newest routers have usb power control and compatible with easytether?

AR750S, AXT1800 should be ok