Emergency, have work tomorrow, Modem not port forwarding to travel router

I have an Arris modem and 2 Gl .inet ATX1800 slate travel routers. The home travel router is connected via repeater to the home modem. I am trying to set up port forwarding from modem to router but am not having success. It is also saying

“LAN subnet is in conflict with the WAN subnet. Please change LAN subnet to a different address.”

Where would I go from here to use my home IP address while abroad?

Network → LAN → Router IP Address

change 192.168.xxx.1 to any other network not in use. For example,

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Why would you bother w/ port forwarding? Why not simply put the ATX1800 on the DMZ if you can’t just get the modem into a straight ‘bridge mode’? Can you get into the Arris modem’s web-based GUI & check for such settings?

(Call your ISP & tell 'em you want a modem; just a modem… not a 'gee-whiz, doitall&thensome-majick-machine™. Get their crap outta the equation.)

You might want to consider adding a fairly robust UPS to your home setup before heading out; just in case.