Enable Adguard on a GL-MT3000 Beryl AX (wireguard client) and Zscaler on work laptop

Hi all,

I would like to enable AdGuard on my GL-MT3000 Beryl AX, but I'm unsure how this will interact when connecting my work laptop, which has the Zscaler client installed.

Currently, this router is configured as a WireGuard client, and everything is working perfectly. There are no issues when using my work laptop with Zscaler while I'm connected with WireGuard, and I can also use the work VPN through Cisco AnyConnect with WireGuard without any problems.

Will enabling AdGuard interfere with my company's Zscaler proxy in any way?
Are there any special configurations I should consider?
Would my company be able to detect through Zscaler that I'm using WireGuard or AdGuard?

Thank you in advance for your help!

If you don't block DNS requests Zscaler needs → no.

Not really.

Yeah, since your device is a one owned by your company, I guess.
But why should they care about it? The only issue could be that you said you are working from country A but working from country B instead - but this is a risk up to you :wink:

Thanks for your reply @admon !

I have one more question: As I said, I plan to set up AdGuard on the client side (Beryl AX), could there be any issues if I also configure AdGuard on the server side (Flint home router acting as wireguard server) for some of my other wireguard clients (e.g. mobile,..)?

I don't think there will be interference.

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