Enable/Disable Repeater using terminal?


Model GL.iNet GL-AR750
Version 4.3.17

I've been tinkering with uci to do changes. I'm looking for how to turn ON and OFF some things directly with the terminal.

I was looking into how to turn on or off the "Drop-in Gateway" mode. Looks like I can do that with:

uci set edgerouter.global.enabled='1' #ON
uci set edgerouter.global.enabled='0' #OFF

This looks like it works without even doing uci commit edgerouter, which is great.

The one I haven't figured out is how to turn ON/OFF the repeater to autoconnect to the networks I have saved.
I found there's a:

uci set repeater.@main[0].disabled=1
uci set repeater.@main[0].disabled=0

But changing and committing doesn't seem to change anything.

I found these:

/etc/init.d/repeater start
/etc/init.d/repeater stop

But they only seem to be able to change the status of the repeater if I had already enabled with the GL Web UI. If I already used it to connect, stop and start turn it OFF and ON and autoconnects to the SSID.

What's the correct way to launch and stop the repeater mode from terminal?


uci set repeater.@main[0].disabled='1' OR uci set repeater.@main[0].disabled='0'
uci commit repeater
/etc/init.d/repeater restart

Hi @Bruce!

Looks like I wasn't that far off.
This seems to work as I wanted for ON, but there's still a little caveat for OFF.

I have it set as:

#Enable Repeater
uci set repeater.@main[0].disabled='0'
uci commit repeater
/etc/init.d/repeater restart
#Disable Repeater
uci set repeater.@main[0].disabled='1'
uci commit repeater
/etc/init.d/repeater restart

The WIFI light continues to blink when the repeater is OFF.
The icon in the UI (http://console.gl-inet.com//#/internet) is still active.
wireless.sta is still listed in uci show wireless (when the repeater is turned off by UI, it's not even in the file).
What seems to solve it is to throw these lines after the previous block to disable the repeater.

uci set wireless.sta.disabled='1'
uci commit wireless
wifi reload

Is this okay?
When enabling the repeater, wheather it is from the UI or the commands provided, wireless.sta doesn't have this property.


What GL model do you use? And firmware?

Model GL.iNet GL-AR750
Version 4.3.17

The AR-750 has been EOL, this LED status issue probably afraid will not been solved, but UCI control the repeater, work ok.

Seems that my additon "resolves" the issue and works (at least I think with how I tested it) for my purpose.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

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