Enlighten me GL-X750 Or the GL-MiFi

Looking to buy a new modem and What is the main difference between these 2? Which one should I get?

Are the antenna’s mandatory on the GL-X750?
Is it battery powered?


The GL-X750 has the following advantages over the GL-MiFi

Standard external 5dbi LTE antennae (x 2) (versus 1 internal)
AC750 dual band Wifi (versus N150)
Optional Zigbee/Bluetooth

The GL-X750 does no support a battery but the GL-MiFi does.

GL.iNET 4G Smart Router, EMEA Version, OpenWrt, 5000mAh Battery, OpenVPN Client, EC25-E LTE Module**, a Router That You Can Programs
158,07 €

GL.iNet 4G Smart Router, EMEA Version, OpenWrt, 5000mAh battery, OpenVPN client, EP06-E LTE module, a Router That You can Program

What are the differences and there is no way that I am going to pay these prices.

@belgianfr The first one has the Cat 4 modem, the second has the Cat 6 modem. Second one should theoretically be able to support better download speeds but a lot will depend on your telco and what they support.

Same holds for the X750 which supports the Cat 4 or Cat 6 mini-pci LTE modem card.

Unless you need the battery for mobility I’d suggest the X750.

With the availability of reasonably priced “cell-phone packs” (starting at ~US$25 for 5-6 Ah claimed), I prefer a separate pack in most situations. They are easy to replace when they start to reach the end of their useful life, can be swapped out for another when discharged, and power your phone as well.

The X750 is a static solution, while the MiFi can be fully mobile; the X750 runs on 12VDC. I have both and I leave the X750 at home while the MiFi comes with me when I’m out and about.

Also the modems can be swapped by opening them up with a screwdriver, so you can upgrade to another mini PCI-E cell module.

“there is no way that I am going to pay these prices” ← Uh… ok.
What did you end up getting that was as functional, reliable, and less expensive?