/etc/config/system doesn't update LED


When I update /etc/config/system with my LED configuration but when I do it via LuCI it works?

Is there a different system file I should be modifying for LED?

You should use UCI to change config files and commit the changes, or else you will need to do a reboot to load the new config. You can read here:

Hey, thank you, I think I’ve worded the question wrong as you are correct that does work but when I modify my imagebuilder to have the new system file (with my desired LED config) it reverts the LED config back to the factory defaults making me think it’s pulled from another script?

This seems particularly true of the WLAN LED as the other settings remain.

@wellnw @luochongjun

What model is the router? Can I share your configuration?

You can modify this script to solve your problems