exFAT experience


I bought the cheapo ar300m lite. I am actually using it for a SFTP server connected to ext4 HDD at a friend’s house for remote back destination using Cloudberry. It is quite slow but that is OK as the incremental backups are not big and I don’t want to bog down his bandwidth. It runs at about 12Mbps which is fine for this use case. If disaster happens he can bring the drive into work and I can restore locally. Out of curiosity would the higher spec GL.INET router offer much of a performance boost?

Back to the point of this thread, I did try a USB sd card reader to share a card with exfat format. When it worked it read reasonably fast but was a bit unreliable at reading the card. I didn’t play much as I had little time before going on holiday. In the end I took a RAVPower Wd03 FileHub router. It drops Internet sometimes but far more annoyingly although it reads the exfat card the supplied app keeps timing out when copying files to my android tablet - very annoying. It is also very slow copying files.

I am going to have another play with the gl.inet routers. Has anybody have reliable experience with exFat and would a router with more Ram help? I can set the storage to read only, corrupting the card would be a disaster.

The quicker I can read the card the better as I am going on safari in Africa in a few months and as we are camping and in a shared vehicle I will have limited ability to recharge stuff so the quicker I can power up, copy, power down the better.


Just from a technical perspective you should go for a router with USB3 so either a B1300 or S1300 when it is released. They also have quad core cpu’s and more ram, so it should handle VPN + FIle copying better.

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I had not even considered the B1300. Shame it runs on 12v, not easy to power out in the wild. For all the faults of the RAVPower Wd03, I am using it at the moment in Bali. I am in the dining area with very iffy WiFi so the router is on a rock 30 meters away towards the guest house router and now there is enough range. The bandwidth sucks but this is Bali. Just hope I can find the router in the dark!

You said you are camping out no? Your car has 12V and you can just use the cigarette plug :slight_smile:

It will be 24v sharred overland bus/lorry. No idea how much access I would get to the lighter socket? There will be a 240v inverter but that will only be on when the truck is running and I expect there will be lots of people wanting to use it. Some of the campsites may have charging points.

Something that runs off a USB power bank would be far more suitable. I plan to take a pile of banks that use PD for quick charging - the better ones charge in about 4.5 hours. The most important thing really is keeping camera batteries charged. We plan to take 4 20000 mah power banks each of which should charge a camera battery about 6 times. That will give us 2 camera batteries a day even if we can’t recharge the power backs.


You can use something like this in that case: