Expanding to the US

As this is a closed category I’d like to collect some ideas here.

The Covid Pandemic is finally over. We survived. Now we resume expanding, especially to the US. Not only the business and market, but also the development and offices.

Now we have offices in Hong Kong and Shenzhen. But our businesses are mainly in the US and Europe. It is time to work more closely with our users.

We do have guys working in the US (VA and WA), but mainly work at home. It is nice to work at the same office.

We need

  • Product Managers
  • Software Engineers (embeded, cloud, security, support etc)
  • Marketing Specialist, especially who has technical skills and good wrting skills (better than ChatGPT)
  • B2B sales

This is a totally free discussion, no commitment, no promises.

You can also PM me if you don’t want to post publicly.

Have you made friends with smallnetbuilder forum and/or linksysforum ? Many users /power users there

Not yet. Good suggestions.

Two well known coders who added custom stuff to Asus routers are there (and many more)

Thelonelycoder (made the amtm and some adblocker?)

Rmerlin of the famous Asus Merlin firmware

I think this is great, expansion = more potential sales + marketing outreach.
I am interested in the “Software Engineer” and “B2B” sales - will PM you.

Good news.

Are you looking primarily for full time people, or contract work?

Full time and part time are both OK.

But I need full time people as coordinator if there are some part time people.

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