Expired Certificate

When I login to the Admin Panel using https, my browsers report an invalid certificate. The problem seems to be that the certificate has expired (expire date 2/16/24). As reported by Chrome:

Common Name (CN) console.gl-inet.com
Organization (O) GLiNet
Organizational Unit (OU)
Common Name (CN) console.gl-inet.com
Organization (O) GLiNet
Organizational Unit (OU)
Issued On Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 3:29:33 PM
Expires On Friday, February 16, 2024 at 3:29:33 PM

Router is a GL-A1300 running firmware 4.5.16, but I also noted the compile time is reported as invalid. Reported by the router:

  • Current Firmware
  • Version 4.5.16
  • Firmware Type release2
  • Compile Time Invalid Date

The firmware was originally updated automatically, but I have since manually updated it to the same version. The errors remain. Time and time zone seem to be valid. Any ideas?

It’s an self-signed certificate anyway, so it’s not terrible that it expired. You can simply ignore this error.
You can generate a new one and upload it or you can use my script to generate a new one that would fit to your DDNS domain as well: How-To: Let's Encrypt on GLDDNS domain

@admon Your script unfortunately doesn’t work on cellular network (or it is only at my case?)

Then, how to generate it manually?

It won't work on cellular by design of CGNAT.
Manually creating isn't supported.

But you said exactly the opposite:

Yeah. But not a Let's encrypt one. Only a self-signed - which doesn't really make sense.

You will find plenty of guides for generating self sign certificates by using google "self signed certificate nginx"

I am too stupid for this. Can you please provide step by step instructions especially for routers?

No, sorry.
This isn't needed if you don't know what you are doing.