Export Logs Not Working Anymore

After successfully using the Flint 1800 router for several months, I became accustomed to exporting the log file every day on my new Android (Android 13) Moto G Power phone. I can no longer do this. When I click on “Export” now, the “wheel” spins for a split second and disappears. I used to get a dialog and I’d choose my file manager → internal storage. I’ve tried deleting the GLiNet app and reinstalling it several times. I use CCleaner and reboot phone to no avail. I went so far as to hard-reset the router and build it all back from scratch and the problem persists. I tried enabling logs under the troubleshooting setting (which says to disable it when done) and that works but still not the normal logs export function. I also tried deleting a few apps that I recently installed thinking there may be a conflict. Why is this happening do you think? I realize this is an Android problem, not necessarily a problem with the GLiNet app but just hoping someone can help me.

Can you still download the logs by the web browser?

Web browser logs work so it must be an Android problem. I have another phone that needs resetting so I guess I’ll have to wait until I do that.