Extender for motor home

So…I moved into a house from my motor home. I have some devices in the motor home that won’t be moving into the house, but the main router will. I have a spare MT1300 and a spare MT3000. My main router is an MT3000.

If I use extender mode, will one of the devices act as a wifi device that I can connect to the devices still in the motor home using an ethernet cable?

When I configure a device in Extender mode, is the only setting that matters the SSID it connects to? If I connect to the device in extender via a lan connection, will the clients get IP addresses, etc. from the main router? Can the wireless devices connect using the same SSID as the original router, but connected to the extender?

As you are using all GL.iNet devices, you can try WDS.

You can change the SSID and key to the same in all the routers.

WDS will bridge all of your client devices to the main router.

How do I connect them. With the same SSID and IP address scheme, how do I run them both at the same time so I can connect the client with the router?

Is there any documentation for this?

Thanks for your help.

OK. I thought I got clever. I connected to the client device with an ethernet cable and shut off wifi on my laptop. I was able to successfully connect to the client. I set it in WDS mode and connected to the 2.4g wifi signal of the main router. Once I did that, I cannot connect to the client without hitting the reset button for 4 secs. Help!