Extending wireless on same subnet

Hi, I found a few posts similar to this but I am still unable to figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I’m using an AR300M.

I’m trying to extend my wireless network so that I can roam throughout the house and clients will jump to the strongest signal. Crucially I want all clients on the same subnet - that of the ISP router.

So, I can use Repeater and that extends internet access but I then have 2 subnets. Not what I want.

I am now experimenting with Extender mode which would seem to be what I want but no luck so far.

I have changed the SSID and password of the AR300M to the same as the ISP router and switched on Extender, specifying the SSID and password of the ISP router. It reconfigured and at that point I lose admin connection to the device.

Now testing with this, it does broadcast the correct SSID and clients are able to jump onto it, HOWEVER none of them have any internet connection.

What am I doing wrong here?

Many thanks in advance!

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