External storage problems with AR750S Slate

I am having problems with my AR750S Slate router with almost any kind of external storage and I am wondering if I am doing something wrong.

As far as I could see:

  • it does not show in the GUI any kind of external storage I plug in the router

  • it does not seem to detect any kind of changes to the microSD (neither insertion nor removal)

  • it seems to “feel” something on USB and if I ssh inside the router I can see both the USB and the microSD now mounted (and from the command line I can list their content) but I see absolutely nothing in the GUI (under Application / File Sharing) and I can not see anything with a windows client as being shared from the router.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing something? Is this a known bug?

Have you read the docs?

Thank you for the feedback, the network-related was more complex and in fact my macOS real machine was “stealing” the samba connection from the Windows virtual machine - that was now solved.

The issues that remain:

  • the GUI does not seem to have any feedback for what devices are plugged-in (plus eventually some UI to unmount/eject safely)

  • the router does not seem to have any detection for insertion / removal on microSD

  • the detection on USB seems to work OK for both insertion and removal, on insertion also it seems that some previous microSD might be detected at that point but not the removal of the microSD - those seem to also remain as shares on the network even after the removal of the microSD.

The Slate uses v3.x firmware, which doesn’t show any content of storage device in webUI, so you can’t see any thing in GUI.