External usb storage support in Mifi

hi Expert:

I was going to share my files in external usb hard disk and there was not responding when I connected my external usb hard disk to usb port (usb 2.0 , not micro power usb) in Mifi

so my question is :

  1. does Mifi support external usb storage ?

  2. if supported , may I enable it after upgrade to the new version ?


In the old version, when you connect AC power adapter, the USB-A doesn’t work. USB-A only works when only connecting battery.

This is a hardware problem.

can you please specify what PCB version do you mean by “old version” ?

And is there any way to see the PCB version without taking out the cellular modem, that is screwed on and also glued on?


The latest PCBA is v2.5.

PCBA V2.4 and before is old