Extroot with 3.201_beta4xx

haven’t done a extroot in a while and doc on openwrt has changed dramatically. Had some time to play around which ended up longer than i expected. thought I would give some feedback experience with a nightly after beta 4.

I used a 32gb microsd card
created the first parttion as 30gb fat32 partition (note order in creation is important) /dev/sda1
created second partition as ext4 1.2gb /dev/sda2 for overlay extroot
both with no labels
I did setup rwm but not going to discuss that.

I did this so windows can recognize the first partition for manual copying and data access.

There seems but can’t confirim to be an openwrt bug where where you cannot mount overlay by device (/dev/sda2) (yes i did unmount) you must use uuid

when I enable file sharing on glinet interface it also shares /dev/sda2 with contains the os. I do I disable that? (I’m thinking I have to install luci-app-samba and disable or is there gli-net embeded way to disable it. thanks.

update: solution
a. installed luci-app-samba
b. did a chmod -x /etc/hotplug.d/block/50-samba
c. went to luci/services/network shares and change the path of the mount point from /mnt to /mnt/sda1

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