Failed to find device

I bought a GL-B2200 but I can’t detect it (failed to find a device) The repeater tells me that it is connected to my wifi network (both lights are on)but I can’t connect to it either. I had to try to redo all the steps a dozen times from different phones but it still does not work. Can you help me plz :frowning:

If you didn’t use the app to setup then you will have to plug a device into the LAN port and configure the WiFi.

Thx for the tips I think I will try

Not working :((
And btw I’m using the app
I also think that the scan is too fast ( it’s written that it takes a minute but it only takes 5 seconds)

So via Ethernet can you connect to it at

Have you made sure you enabled Bluetooth?

Which page it takes 5 seconds?


This is the first picture ( on which we can see the repeater ) and I enable the Bluetooth

If it does not bother, can you just post the image?

No problem but what image do you want ?