Failover connections

Hi everyone,

we use GL AR150 for remote assistance purpose for our machineries.

Although we configure it fully with all port forwarding etc, still remain the most important part to do: connection to outside world.

Most of the times our machineries are installed by our clients themselves (it’s quite easy almost plug and play).

We don’t want to give access to the GUI of the router for obvious reason.
1% of the time, there is WIFI connection inside the production area so WIFI is not the default connection.
99% we have to rely on Mobile Hot Spot Tethering and I would say that 3 out of 4 times, the mobile phone is an android.

Is there a way to have a FAIL OVER steps ?

Let me explain it…
Just now I got a call from a client in Portugal.
He need to solve a problem on the machine’s PLC.
In this place there was WIFI but they are upgrading their system so they changed the SSD etc. The one customer provided before (and we create inside the router) is no longer working.
I told him to plug his Android phone with the USB cable to the USB port of the GL-AR150 and activate the HOTSPOT usb. No way… it wasn’t working, ALTHOUGH I have configured it before leaving with our factory ANDROID phone.
So no choice I have to teach him to connect via WIFI to the AR150, give him all the password, and explain the WEB GUI interface.
After 20 minutes it did work.

My question is (we are not familiar with openwrt) is:

  • Can we create a sequence of connections where if (#1) fail (let’s say WIFI), then it may try the #2 (let’s say TETHERING) etc ?
    So I can configure all possible options before ship the machine from WIFI (SSD and password obtained by customer), Mobile Tethering USB, etc

Sorry if this post is too long.

I think this has been built into the firmware.

The router will use 4 method to connect to the Internet: cable > repeater > tethering > modem

You need to configure all 4 to do this.

Thanks for the answer.

Is this the order it will check the connection ?

CABLE then REPEATER then TETHERING (mobile) then MODEM ?
So if I connect both in the same moment a WIFI and a MOBILE PHONE IN TETHERING (HOT SPOT USB), the AR150 SHOULD select WIFI 1st and then, if not working (*) try the TETHERING ?