Fastest Gl.iNet router compatible with easytether

Could you please tell me which is your fastest, most advanced, router or travel router that is compatible with easytether?
And could you please tell me which easytether drivers that router uses?
Thanks in advance for your support!

Isn’t easytether dead?

You and a couple of other people on this site have posted “Easytether is dead.” I’m not sure if there are restrictions where you live. Maybe you’re in a country that’s highly censored, but I have used easytether daily for years and have continued to do so to this day.
Since easytether is no longer writing the .ipk files for the newer processors in the latest Gl.iNet routers, I want to buy a couple of the older routers with processors that do work with Easytether while they are still available.
That is why I hope tech support will be able to tell me which 12 volt router has the fastest most reliable processor that can be used with easytether as well as which easytether .ipk file to use for that router.
I do thank you for your input!

If you can use venilla OpenWrt you can choose B1300.