Feature Request - Multi -image boot loader for GL Routers (at least GL-x300x)!

Wanted: A multiple system boot loader along the lines of Berryboot for Raspberry Pi. Routers for the most part are similar beings from the small system, embedded Linux world.

Flashing is a horror show and quite possibly a creator of bricks. Uboot deserves to live on the bottom of the ocean, never to be seen again. For a number of reasons, experimentation and different operating configurations included, the ability to pick the system to load at boot time would be awesome.

The loader should make it ease to add, remove or change boot order (see Berryboot for first order requirements). Of course there should be a default selection, and if one only one image to load then no pause which likely would be the initial shipment configuration. Ideally the boot loader would be in non-volatile memory or whatever you call eProm these days. Changing or augmenting systems should be a trivial and safe task. While we are at it, why not have an option to boot off Micro SD or flash drive?. We have the memory, we have the devices, we have the computer power, we have the dev environment (Ubuntu Bash for Windows is amazing), we have the sources and binaries. Why not step it up in the rather sheltered world of routers. STRONGLY suggest placing the loader code under Open Source licensing (possibly forking an existing one). This is an industry that needs disrupting - why not from the hobbyist universe? Willing to contribute should their be a suitable leader. :slight_smile:

we are rewriting AR300M uboot and will publish the source code. It is very difficult to write deal with the bootloader because of drivers. It works with flash but not the other and a lot of such issue…

Good to hear. I have trouble getting uboot to come up reliably. Maybe a full boot loader would be too much. But it would be very cool to have an option to switch between two or more OS. There is room to do it, so why not? :slight_smile: