Feature Request (S2S VPN)

Looking for a feature to specify MTU for each client that Connects.

Meanwhile, I have did a small workaround if anyone is interested and facing the same issue.

  1. Added static route to the file rc.local just have persistence after the reload.

***root@GL-E750:~# cat /etc/rc.local ***

. /lib/functions/gl_util.sh

ip route add X.X.X.X/32 dev wwan0

exit 0

  1. Added mtu to the gl_s2s file to force the device to use specified MTU.

**root@GL-E750:~# cat /etc/config/gl_s2s **

config global ‘global’
** option firewall ‘1’**
** option enable ‘1’**

config interface ‘wg1’
** option private_key ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXX’**
** option metric ‘80’**
** list address ‘’**
** option mtu ‘1400’**

config peer
** option public_key ‘XXXXXXXXXXXXX’**
** option endpoint ‘X.X.X.X:XXXX’**
** option keepalive ‘25’**
** list allowed_ips ‘’**


X.X.X.X is the Remote server IP.
XXXX is the s2s port on the remote server.

@alzhao, please for your support.


Thanks for the sharing.

What is the usage of the first point?

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on my mudi device, i have wireguard vpn for general traffic which is using paid vpn service from different provider and s2s between my devices. so in the first point of adding static route is to route s2s traffic via normal internet not via. wireguard VPN which has the defaul route in the system after it get connected.

In my network setup i have two flint and one mudi device connected via s2s. everything works fine between two flints, but on mudi certain websites doesn’t work. so I had to reduce the MTU on mudi to make those websites work. usually it works for me if i have MTU 1400. This is in S2S case .

and in Wireguard case also it is the same issue so i had to reduce mtu value to 1400 to make everything work on mudi.

asper my observation, it looks like cellular ISPs uses more space on the IP packet which forces us to reduce MTU value to make things work, because in normal case of flint which is using direct fiber internet doest face this.

so basically for specify mudi i have to do this, not for all.

I received your message. Pls give me some time to check. I have a lot of work after the weekend

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Thanks for confirming. Take your time sir.